Rice and Beans

By Sandra Clark

I am fresh off an excellent trip to Costa Rica with my husband. We celebrated our tenth year of marriage with many hours in a terrible BeGo SUV rental as we bumped along narrow weathered roads banked by gorgeous green hillsides, fields of banana trees and wild hibiscus. Our nights were steamy: in unair-conditioned jungle cabins and locally own, tico, bed and breakfasts. And each day we scarfed down the local fare, gallo pinto (a seasoned combination of black beans and rice served with the national condiment, salsa linzano), hungry from our adventures hiking through the rainforested paradise.

While we were only there a week, I ate beans and rice every single day. It seemed like a lot of beans and rice. It was a lot of beans and rice; and I love beans and I like rice, I’ve don’t eat them  day in and day out. Even when I am eating a lot of beans at home, I am moving around in the legume family, never resting my affections on one variety alone. Not the case in Costa Rica. There was only one occasion I was served dark red kidney beans instead of the classic black beans. Rice and beans, beans and rice: any meal, every day. And while I savored each delicious preparations, and there were some excellent ones, it was a lot of repetition.

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