Write On! (Some Writing Prompts and Encouragement)

By Kellie Purcill

words mean more

It’s an inescapable law of the universe that if you want to read something, someone must have written it previously. Just as immutable, is the sometimes painful truth that if you want to have written something, you have to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, voice to voicemail, lipstick to mirror, marker to small child, first. Even if your receiving medium doesn’t have a pulse, getting the words started can be terrifying, no matter how brave we may normally be.

Roller coaster rider

What will I write about? What’s my opening line? Am I digging at an itch? Do I want her to laugh? I don’t know what I’m going to write about I’m never going to write anything because I suck and a story about a gargoyle afraid of heights is stupid and I should go and mop the garage and why is this page so EMPTY?!!??!

It happens. I haven’t met anyone who writes who doesn’t experience the above paragraph in some way, way more than once, with associated procrastination, wailing and/or dramatic drooping. While dramatic drooping can be entertaining, it can also be painful, so here’s what I suggest instead – just decide to spend 5 minutes writing something. It could be anything at all (I’m not going to suggest what it could be!), if it’s got words in it then it counts. Just 5 minutes, 3 minutes, or even 30 seconds. Just a moment in time where you remember that you can write.

Diving belle

To help, I’ve compiled some pictures and ideas from “writing prompts” for your musing and entertainment…*

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