Sundays Away

By Teresa Bruce

When I Was a Child Growing up, I went to church weekly except during bouts of strep throat or flu. Even during rare family vacation travels, we packed Sunday clothes and shoes no matter our destination. High School Diplomacy The day before my first high school model U. N. conference, vague uneasiness coalesced into realization: …

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My Sabbath Malling

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Last Sunday was not the best of days for me. I didn’t feel well and was medicated. I sat glazed through Sacrament Meeting and then left to go home to sleep. Within five minutes of my being home, my computer fell and shattered. Because of urgent demands for the upcoming week, this was an “ox in the mire” for me, the sick oxherd.

Instead of heading for a nap, I headed an hour and a half away to the nearest Apple Store. Going into an Apple Store is not for introverts, Luddites, or anyone who prefers dark corners and quiet (which at that time was pretty much me on all counts.)

The technical diagnosis was swift: Complete death. New computer purcha$e required. Brain transfer to the new computer mandatory.

The Apple People allowed me to roam the mall for the two hours required to get things set up for the overnight mind-meld that required both the old and the new computers.

Wandering around a mall crowded with early Christmas shoppers was depressing everywhere I turned. Throw a swig of MucinexDM and a dash of guilt into the mix and it was a particular kind of torture.

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Independence Sabbath

By Michelle Lehnardt

It may be only the 3rd of July where you live, but in Utah, Independence Day is in full force. We’ve already come home from the neighborhood parade where fresh faced kids on streamer trimmed bicycles tossed candy to an adoring crowd; our fingers are sticky from the community pancake breakfast and our ears are burning with the latest neighborhood gossip. Soon, I’ll be taking my kids to the fireworks stand for spinning flowers and fire-spitting tanks and tonight we’ll lie under the star strewn sky as massive explosions of red, blue and gold bloom across the sky.

In our Mormon dominated state Sunday holidays are unquestionably shifted to the preceding Saturday. No one debates or decides, it just IS. Similarly, running races and triathlons in the Beehive State are almost always on Saturday rather than the traditional Sunday race day. But we are certainly less pious than Texas, where most stores and businesses close on the Sabbath. Grocery stores and malls do a nice brisk business seven days of the week in Utah; Lagoon and our ski resorts are filled with Sunday revelers.

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R is for Reverence

By Kristen Carson

THE TEACHER’S SCRIPTURES drape heavily over her hand as she instructs the Sunday School class to turn to verse eighty-one. Zippers zip and pages flip, then the room is as quiet as a temple foyer. Someone behind me yawns with a small, soft pop. A door in back opens with a restrained click. It is so …

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