When I grow up I want to be a…

By Leslie Graff

jobsdoctor, lawyer, fireman, teacher?

When you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up you get one of those 4 answers.

When I ask the missionaries that revolve in and out of my house for dinner, at least 50% give me the “I have no idea” line. Occasionally, I am impressed at some of the answers, like an Elder we had recently who was very passionate about ceramic arts.  But, I also get some kind of comical responses like the Elder who said he would really like a job that “worked with the whole economy”.  Trying to politely suppress a chuckle, I pursued it a little, wondering if indeed the next fed Chairman was really sitting at my dinner table, and asked if he enjoyed statistics and math, he responded with an emphatic no, he hated those subjects. Obviously, he had never shared his “plan” with any career advising adult.

I bit my lip and shoved a forkful of enchilada in my mouth to keep from launching into a passionate diatribe on the travesty which is young adult educational/career preparation in our society. (My stern motherly advice to my sons is before you go a mission you will have a good line you tell people when they ask this question at dinner appointments so it doesn’t seem like you went on a mission because you didn’t know what else to do).

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