Guest Post: Sneaky Satan Tree Root

Satan is tricky. And a stinkhead. And a deft manipulator. He can take a good thing and twist it into harm. In fact, it’s because of that old trickster that King Benjamin’s admonition to “watch yourselves”¹ has taken on new meaning to me.  I used to think it was a “Watch it!” kind of watching; …

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Stubbornness As A Virtue

By Kellie Purcill



Several spiritual wildernesses ago, I found myself a new scripture hero. Caleb, from the Old Testament, was one amazing, tough dude: faithful, honest, courageous and determined. In the second year after escaping Egypt, Caleb and Joshua – at the direction of Moses – go exploring into the Promised Land¹. Ten others went with them, all twelve being a representative of each of the tribes of Israel. When they all returned and told of what they’d seen, only Caleb and Joshua reported positively on the land they had explored.

Joshua and Caleb said “The land is flowing with milk and honey! Huge grapes! Pomegranates! Figs! It’s amazing, let’s go right now” but the remaining ten started freaking out, saying “Nope, no way, the dudes who live there are HUGE and they’ll squash us like bugs!”

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The Mountain Remains Still

By Catherine Arveseth

It is 8:15 PM, my husband is out of town, three glasses of carnations are drinking colored water on the windowsill – part of a science fair project that needed observation and photographing fifteen minutes ago. I’m in the middle of bathing two rowdy boys who just chewed up my favorite taper candle, and my girls are swinging a laundry hamper in circles at such a speed I am positive the hamper will rocket out of their hands and into the wall, leaving a heckuva high-velocity dent.

“Please put the hamper away and get into your pajamas,” I say.

There is no response. No intimation that the hamper is going to stop spinning and land in the closet where it belongs.

“Please put the hamper down and get into your pajamas and come upstairs.”

I’m using my firm voice now. That one that says I mean it.

Foolishly thinking they will listen to me, I head upstairs to comb third daughter’s wet hair. A few seconds later I hear a horrid thud. The perpetrator comes upstairs and asks me not to get mad when she informs me the hamper did indeed fly into the wall. She’s not sure how… it just did.

The dent is bigger than I imagined.

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Christmas and Memory

By Rosalyn Eves

We decorated our Christmas tree a few days ago, with hand-me-down ornaments and candy canes clustering densely toward the bottom of the tree (none of the candy canes hang higher than chest high). The decorations brought back so many memories that I seemed to be seeing a kind of Christmas palimpsest, a double-vision of the …

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