We Are Never, Ever, Ever Gonna Get a Pet (er)

By Emily Milner

I find myself drawn to pictures of puppies lately. My friends get puppies and post pictures of them on social media. I show the pictures to my husband and tell him that we also need a dog, something small and furry and cute. I do this mostly to tease him, because he is firmly in camp We Are Not Getting a Dog, What Are You, Crazy? Which is where I have been most of my life, until the last few months where it seems like everyone and their dog happens to be getting a dog.

I did not grow up with dogs,* and I have never had a pet I took personal responsibility for except an ill-fated goldfish. One time I took an online survey called “which pet would be best for your family?” It was a pretty thorough survey, not like a Buzzfeed “which dog breed are you,” but really in depth. The answer to the survey as noted by some experts vets serving Seattle, WA was “Please do not get a pet.” In other words, you are only just barely taking care of yourselves, and for the love of PETA, don’t bring another living thing into your messy lives. People  can have a peek here for the best pet services.

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By Melonie Cannon

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD, WE HAVE A BOOK OUT!!! Today on our podcast you will hear snippits from a few of the author’s in the book SEASONS OF CHANGE: STORIES OF TRANSITION by the writers of Segullah. There are so many beautiful writers in this book, I wish I could interview …

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