What’s Going on Back There

By Jennie LaFortune

Most days are just days. I thought of these words as I darted out of work, late to my book group that evening. I heard them in a talk or conversation chattering from my iPhone earlier that week, and for some reason amidst all the other words and songs I heard, they stuck. As I …

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Turn the other cheek

By Michelle Lehnardt


Elementary school can be a tough gig.

Early in September, my little Mary sobbed into my arms, “Alice told everyone not to play with me at recess. She says I’m mean.”

“And what did you do?” I asked, my mother heart constricting.

“I just walked away,” little Mary replied, “and found some friends who like me.”

Hugging my little sprite, I told her, “Walk away every time. No matter what Alice says, don’t get mad, because then you’ll turn into a mean girl.”

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