Curating Literature and Art in Segullah’s Courtyard

By Sherilyn Stevenson

Curating Literature and Art in Segullah’s Courtyard: A Critical Introduction I was lucky enough to combine related passion projects spending two years co-editing Segullah while working towards my MA in English from Weber State University. The following excerpts come from my critical introduction where I outlined the work happening at Segullah and my editorial experiences. …

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Meet Co-Editor-in-Chief, Jessie Christensen

By Sherilyn Stevenson

Getting To Know Jessie  Sherilyn: Your day job? Jessie: I work as a library cataloger in an academic library. I create the metadata that describes books that are in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian so people can find them in the library’s catalog. I love working with books and information and I love that my …

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God’s Light in an Atheist Country

“Are you going to go to church in China?” A friend asked. I was flabbergasted by the question. I had presumed (based mostly on television) that churches were an underground thing that only the stealth could clandestinely attend by cover of darkness in a country where the government is officially atheist. “I don’t think there’s …

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Why I’m Here: I Write

By Jessie Christensen

Earlier this month, construction workers in northern Italy unearthed a jar filled with gold Roman coins that had been buried in the ground for more than two thousand years. I’ve always been fascinated by hoards–treasures that lie in the earth just waiting for the day when an unsuspecting person stumbles across them. Imagine being a humble construction worker or farmer, digging through dirt and muck like you do every day, only to stumble upon a glittering relic from the past. I sometimes also wonder about the person who amassed and buried the treasure; did they know they would never return and that their riches would lie forgotten for millenia?

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The New Team of Co-Editors-in-Chief: Linda Hoffman Kimball and Sherilyn Olsen Interview Each Other

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

        Linda Hoffman Kimball: Congratulations, Sherilyn, on your new assignment as Co-Editor-in-Chief for Segullah! We are indebted to the talents and vision of the previous Co-Editor-in-Chief Sandra Jergensen who now has time to focus on her many other creative pursuits, including her own business https://thekitchennatural.com/. We wish her tremendous success and a …

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Creating Sacred Space

By Melonie Cannon

Last week I did something extremely foolhardy. I was invited on a hike in Canyonlands National Park which was definitely beyond my capacities. However, the words “this is a once in a lifetime experience,” kept ringing in my stubborn ears and I went forward, even though my legs told me to turn back. My friend …

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Segullah: Gifts of the Spirit

By Emily Milner

Treat yourself to some time reading Segullah: Gifts of the Spirit. It’s been available in print for a while, and thanks to Johnna, our wonderful webmaster, it’s also available online. It’s always hard for me to choose favorite pieces to highlight, but here are just a few that are worth your attention: Dreams as Gifts …

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Dating. Courtship. Marriage.

By Andrea Rediske

Dating.  Courtship.  Marriage. How do you get there, and once you do, what do you do then?  What is it like when it’s good?  What is it like when it’s hard?  How do you keep it together?  What do you do when it falls apart?  How do you go it alone?  We want to know.  …

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Interview with Featured Artist Leslie Graff

By Shelah Miner

One of my favorite parts of coming out with a new issue of Segullah is interviewing our featured artist for the blog. In the past, I’ve gotten a glimpse into the lives of some amazing strangers whose work I’d admired before I got to know the women who created them. This time around, things are …

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Delightsome Follies of Childhood

By Leslie Graff

My favorite short story of all time is “That Kind of Party” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Eleven-year-old Terrence, infatuated with neighborhood beauty Dolly Bartlett,  is driven by the headiness of young love to, by whatever means necessary, stage a party in which to play kissing games. He and his sidekick Joe must find a way to rid the party of the chaperones to lay a clear path for their scandalous games. They forge telegrams, eat raw eggs, and even upend the wheelchair of poor Carpenter Moore, who attempts to expose their base desire to the neighborhood, all in the vain pursuit of an afternoon of stolen kisses. You can learn the facts here now, about how Fitzgerald emphasis the story related to forgery with the following line:

“In one day he had committed forgery and insolence, and had assaulted both the crippled and the blind. His punishment was obviously to be in this life. But for the moment it didn’t seem important- anything might happen in one blessed hour.”

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