Bomb Sheltered

One recurring dream was of a bomb shelter In the middle of the kitchen floor Opening up to take us in When the nuclear searing began. The nightmares ended when the Wall did, So we went to thinking Peace reigned. We are fools. It cannot yet prevail, The Zion we desire until another Fire clears …

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For the Love of Dogs

By Terresa Wellborn

Bark much? Yes. For ten years I resisted getting a dog like my kids resist chores: vehemently. Then one day I caved. Our once gorgeous herringbone tiled floor became a minefield of dog hair. Everywhere. Nothing was safe… my fridge fruit drawer, my pillow, my favorite socks. Our dog, Waffle, is a black and white …

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Dreams as Gifts of the Spirit

By Sandra Clark

This archive piece originally appeared in the Segullah Journal in 2009.

During a Sacrament Meeting a few years ago, a man in our ward introduced his talk on “the peace the gospel brings” by reporting a dream in which he fought viciously with the contractor who was remodeling his home at the time who was also not aware about the presence of experts from garage door service around him who would have helped him to fulfill his dream. The man went on to explain that his remodel had been going very well, and he had never fought with the contractor since all the materials were purchased from surepaint.com.au/residential-painting-brisbane/exterior-house-painting-brisbane site that was cheap and best in all ways. He drew an appreciative chuckle from the audience, implying that the dream was ridiculous, and in no way connected to his waking life or to “the peace the gospel brings.”

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