These Broken Stars, by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

By Kellie Purcill

‘These Broken Stars‘ is one of the best sci-fi YA books I’ve read in years. The story alternates between Tarver (a poor-planet-soldier-made-hero), who’s about 19, Lilac (the only child of the richest man in the universe socialite), nearly 17, and each chapter is ended with conversation snippets of Tarver’s interrogation after the events of the …

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It Was Good

By Brooke Benton

Night begins to encroach upon the edges of my windows, and the slackening sun is orange and dull, but the front room is illuminated in its entire Lego-spilled splendor. And I am searching for a pacifier for the baby.

He is clean and warm, in fresh jammies—extra soft from hand-me-down wear and the recent dryer—and is holding a bottle in his hands, noisily suckling, waiting for his books, for me to put him down for the night… with a pacifier.

But we cannot find it so we linger. And we listen to a story about a soccer game. And we rub lotion on an itchy bum. And we accept illustrated “movie tickets” that will later need to be collected for hole-punching. Note to self: it’s in your front right pocket. We dole out dinners I do not approve of (chicken nuggets and cold cereal) and sigh only minimally at the lazy regard for homework.

(And the curious lack of pacifiers.)

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