Baby Carrots are WEIRD

By Kellie Purcill

I visited America for two weeks two years ago, and still one of the most prominent – and thought provoking – realisations about it, is baby carrots are WEIRD.

The first time I saw baby carrots my brain stuttered, stalled, and refused to move on from the peculiarity of them. Are they grown just to that size then harvested? Are they big carrots just shaved down to size? How do you pick them? Are they peeled? How many tonnes of carrots are made into baby carrots? I’ve since investigated (answers being: no; kind of; up in little bags at the supermarket; yes; and, over 172 million tonnes a year), and you know what? Baby carrots are STILL weird.

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From the Inside Looking Out

By Jennifer Whitcomb



I never thought about it happening on a play date. My new-found friend and I had spent a delightful day making bread, mixing soup and baking cookies. While the kids played happily, we talked about art, literature, church, friends and living providently while we swapped funny stories and checked on the kids. We talked about our families. Genetic traits. Birth order. Age.

We were sitting on my friend’s playroom floor picking up toys while our boys played together; her second son, my last, when I noticed the briefest of pauses. She said “You’re 44?” And like a jolt it occurred to me that a twelve year age difference could be a big deal.

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