Hearing and Seeing in Front and Behind

By Teresa Bruce

The child in front of me faced backward in the pew, fidgeting like any preschooler might in the second half of Sacrament meeting. When the closing hymn’s introductory notes played, I watched the already unhappy little face droop in dismay, which I thought cute. But then the congregation sang, and dismay turned to distress. Tiny …

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Song of the Heart

By Melissa Young

When I was a child, there was a family in our neighborhood who always came caroling on Christmas Eve. They’d sing for us and give us a perfectly round (baked in a soup can) loaf of banana bread, frosted with buttercream frosting and topped with a sprig of holly. Christmas had arrived.

As a teenager, my dad used to challenge me and my siblings to recognize the voices of artists who sang Christmas songs and see who could name them the fastest. “Andy Williams!” “Bing Crosby!” “Nat King Cole!” To this day I mentally call out their names when I hear them on the radio.

I remember one night staying up with a sick baby—rocking in a dark room and humming “The First Noel” over and over and over again. Born is the king, noel, noel. It still sounds like a lullaby to me.

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