How to be a good Visit Teachee. Or not.

By Johnna Ferguson

I have new Visiting Teachers. To my horror, I immediately begin avoiding them.

Sis.M, in church: Hey, I’m your new visiting teacher!

Me: Great!

Sis.M, in church: So, we should get together…

Me: yeah, uh-huh. excuse me, gotta find the kids.

Instead I found my current, uh, I mean former, visiting teacher.

Me: They took me off your route.

Friend: Yeah, but we’re going to still see each other.

Me, choosing to be equally rational: yeah.

I’m preemptively missing my friend who has already been inside the strange little house we rent, someone who is as comfortable to be around as the books and sweatshirts she leaves behind. Suddenly I’m plagued with Let No One In the House.

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