Waving Wildly While Making a Joyful Noise

By Teresa Bruce

When the music paused, I swiveled around — not easy in jeans on the plush, cushioned seat — to see how many sisters filled the Relief Society room behind me. The Tuesday night turnout compared to summer Sundays when folks travel, a respectable, sociable showing. I smiled at teenage young women and not-so-young women and …

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You and I Were the Angels

By Darlene Young

Our song was the lightning. We sang dazzling bright. To the prickling stars, to the sparkling air. Does music remind you of that diamond night? Though not yet embodied, we sang spirit light, Sang with the thrumming that quickened the air Our song was the lightning. We sang dazzling bright. We gave dancing voice to …

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The Sparrow’s Defense

By Andrea Stacy

I was obediently silent, my song shrouded for the night— well, one note, or perhaps two, loosed in response to the shafting moon and a brief volley, quite accidental, when the breeze swept by— But when dawn shivered against my breast, startling instinct, I shot my quiver high into the unsuspecting sky. What? Fault? Not …

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