Is There No Other Way?

By Megan Wilcox Goates

We are pleased to welcome Megan Wilcox Goates as the newest member of the Segullah Blog Team.  Four months ago, I drove my son Jack two hours away to a new town and moved him into a group home. He turned thirteen just the day before. The necessity of placing my second child in residential …

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Lady of Light

BeckyBecky is a Pacific Northwest transplant who married her Arizona transplant sweetheart and settled in the middle ground of Utah. She is the adoptive mom of one and hoping (and waiting for 5 years) to be the mom of one more. Despite long conversations with Heavenly Father in her teenage years that homemaking skills were uncool, she is a great homemaker and has learned to embrace those talents. She LOVES brownies, flowers, and kissing her cute boy in the kitchen. Someday, probably the next life, she is going to learn to play the banjo.

The long awaited call came on a Tuesday. “Becky, there is a baby girl in Oregon…she has medical issues…Can we send your profile?” The day that I thought would never ever, ever arrive. Our profile was sent and on Friday the call came. The birth-parents chose us and we were going to finally be parents!

“Before you get too excited and before you can say yes, do you remember that she has a lot of medical issues? We have these medical papers that we want you to take to a pediatrician to read and to give you the worst case scenario.”

We did take the papers to a recommended doctor whom we had yet to meet. We knew our answer long before his call came. We knew that, whatever the answer, she was meant to come to our family and we gave an emphatic yes. We packed up our little car with the empty carseat headed out on a familiar highway into unknown territory. The call came just as we were heading into an ominous looking storm on the border of Idaho and Oregon. Darkness settled in around as the doctor spoke the words, “a vegetable with no higher motor skills and a feeding tube.”

“Tevin, can we do this? Does Heavenly Father really want us to take on this mountain?”

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