Agency and Stewardships Challenged by Dementia

By Karen Austin

My children have six living grandparents whose ages range from 79 to 87. I am glad that we have our parents and my stepparents as part of our extended family; however, it’s difficult to watch them face age-related challenges: limited income, problems with communication such as vision and hearing, multiple chronic disease such as arthritis …

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Woe and Joy

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

I am a reasonably healthy person. I am grateful for that every day. Especially on days when I am NOT well. There have been too many of those recently. After a recent delightful celebration, I broke out the next day with widespread red welts and itching so intense that surely Dante intended to name a circle of hell after it. The doctor recognizes it as a case of hives – such a bland name – and loads me up with antihistamines, creams and three different prescriptions. Three days later I’m itch-free. Thanks be to God and modern medicine.

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Of Angels and Their Errands: An Enumeration

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

Any clean-up committee

nursery leaders and workers

early morning seminary teachers

especially the ones who scrape snow off their windshields and drive in the dark

and try to engage with sleepy, sullen teenagers

who likely won’t remember anything

Sunday bulletin writers and those who pass them out

greeters at the door with firm handshakes and broad smiles


packers of boxes and trucks for those moving out

preparers of meals for the newly arrived and the soon to depart

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At the Pulpit: Bless the hands that prepared it

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

At the Pulpit: 185 years of Discourses by Latter-day Saint Women edited by Jennifer Reeder and Kate Holbrook is a feast. It is good from beginning to end. Every bite is unique and something to savor.

In introducing At the Pulpit (the latest book from The Church Historian’s Press), editor Kate Holbrook tells former Young Women General President Elaine Cannon’s story of ingenuity and determination in Church service:

Sister Cannon said, “I am willing to go to the Lord and say, ‘Okay, I really care about this. If it’s something you’re interested in, then help me. Together we can go and do whatever we need to do.” When leading the Young Women she would tell the general board members, “If we can’t get to it this way, then we’ll just go like this to get there, around whomever or whatever obstacles.” She insisted the key to knowing when to persevere was to be alert to God’s will: “You have to be sure what you’re trying to do is also God’s will.”

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Keeping Quiet

By Linda Hoffman Kimball

I recently attended the wedding weekend of my nephew and his longtime girlfriend. My sister Susan (mother of the groom) gave a toast to the happy couple. Susan was warm, kind, and engaging – and extremely relieved when it was over and she could just sit down and nibble her cheesecake.

One comment she made in the toast stays with me. She mentioned that Martha, the new bride, brought the welcome addition of opinions and a voice to their “family of selective mutes.”

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