By Elizabeth Cranford Garcia

A few months ago, I read an article about a Palestinian woman injured in a car accident who could not breastfeed her nine-month-old son. He refused a bottle for seven hours, screaming with hunger, his aunts desperate. Then a Jewish nurse arrived for her shift, and volunteered to nurse him. The expression on the faces …

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Welcome While Under Construction

By Teresa Bruce

I’ve been banned from entering my church building since June — I, and everyone else. Decades ago, my husband and I bought our house within a couple of miles of the stake center, anticipating countless drives to and from. Sunday services. Choir practices. Ward and stake councils and planning. Twelve planned years of weekday early-morning …

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Winter Trio

By Karen Austin

[photo by _zang via Creative Commons https://flic.kr/p/aDTYzT]
The city was draped in blue velvet as I drove my daughter to a church dance on the east side of Wichita.  Being winter, the sky was already dark by 7 pm, but it wasn’t particularly cold.

I pulled my mini-van out of the stake center parking lot and turned west onto 13th street, just starting my drive back home to the west side of the city.

Before I had reached the first stop light at Woodlawn, I saw some white objects in the road. Animals, vegetables or minerals? I was too surprised to discern.  I slowed down.

Soon a figure was caught in my headlights.

A woman with an expressionless face froze and then squinted into the glare. She was tall, thin and appeared to be in her late twenties. She had dark hair and was wearing a dark baseball cap and a dark nylon track suit.  This was probably why I saw the light-colored objects lying in the road before I saw her.  I pulled onto a side street to my right in order to avoid hitting her.

I swung my car around so that I was parked perpendicular to the white objects on 13th street.  My headlights allowed me to see more clearly what was going on.  The street was littered with clothes.


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