Book Club Reminder: Mockingjay Next Thursday

By Angela Hallstrom

A quick reminder to those interested in participating in our first ever book club discussion: we’ll be discussing Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins here on the blog next Thursday, Nov. 18th. You have less than a week to finish reading it, but there’s still time. Anyone who’s read the book is welcome to participate in the discussion by joining in the comment thread. (If you want to find out more info about our book club and missed our initial announcement, read this.)

I thought I’d post a few questions to get you thinking before we start discussing next Thursday. Please do not respond to these questions now. I just wanted to prime the pump and give some of you a chance, if you want it, to write up a quick response and have it ready to go on Thursday. Please refrain from writing essay length discourses, however [says she who can’t write a succinct blog comment to save her life]. But in truth, in order for our blog-based book club to work and not get bogged down in comments, individual responses shouldn’t be more than a few paragraphs long. If you tend to long-windedness, perhaps consider tackling one question at a time.

Here are the questions to get you started. On the day of our book club discussion, you can respond to one or all (or none) of these questions:

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