The Case for a Black Baby Doll

By Elizabeth Cranford Garcia

Last year, watching my 4-year-old daughter playing with some paper mermaid dolls we bought her as a souvenir from a trip, I had a little heart attack. Of the three dolls, she had chosen one to be the “bad” one in her pretend play–and it was the one with the darkest skin. She had made …

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Christmas Rejoicing versus Christmas Discouragement

By Catherine Pavia

Christmas was always my favorite holiday when I was a child. And not just for the obvious reason. It was more than the presents; it was the general sense of goodness in the world around me—from the Christmas music to the Salvation Army bell ringers, the carolers to our own little acts of service around …

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The General Conference Family Home Evening Challenge

By Jessie Christensen

When General Conference rolled around last October, I realized that it was the weekend that my children were scheduled to spend all day Saturday with their father. I felt somewhat ambivalent about this. On the one hand, I looked forward to a day of actually getting to hear the talks and ponder them in quiet peace without the stress of trying to help three small children sit through eight hours of talks in a somewhat reverent manner. On the other hand, I do take seriously the counsel to watch and listen to Conference and to encourage participation from our children. During the past decade since becoming a parent I have sought to make General Conference a significant family tradition. I’ve tried special foods, coloring packets, bingo, key words, going for scenic drives, and, most commonly, just requiring children to be in the room doing something quiet and not bothering me. I don’t remember watching Conference much as a child, but I don’t fault my mother for this at all. If watching Conference meant hauling five small children to the chapel by myself for eight hours of viewing, I’d probably opt out as well. However, now that I live in a time and place where General Conference is easily accessible in my home, I try to participate as much as I can. What to do when my kids weren’t even going to be around for half of it?

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