Teeth: Essential/Negotiable

By Kellie Purcill

teethIt was a lazy Sunday afternoon, sun drenching the lawns of the Single Adult Convention’s mountain edge location, the city of Adelaide stretching out to the coast far below us. People were scattered inside playing board games, an enthusiastic group had bounced off to walk to the National Park half an hour up the road, and lacking such energy I decided I still wanted to enjoy the sun. “Let’s take a turn, shall we?” I offered, elbow held out to the woman to my right.

“Oh! How very Austen! Let’s!” she clapped. Within minutes about eight of us – all aged 30+ – were walking comfortably around the gardens, elbows linked, laughing and chatting. Somehow we decided to explore the surrounding streets, and conversation (as it is obviously wont to do at Single Adult gatherings) turned to the male of the species, specifically those who may be in want or need of a wife. Or – to be more specific – what a wife is in regard and esteem of when looking for a husband.

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