By Kelly Moore

Mamihlapinatapai A look between two people that expresses unspoken but mutual desire–Fuegian language Eyes articulate with a clarity that mouths envy,  but glances cannot be cataloged like phrases—tucked away in tidy files in locked rooms—  They evaporate like dew, dissipate into air like curling tendrils of steam, cooled by the brain with a breath. Silence …

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Get thee hence, butterdream cookie!

By Michelle Lehnardt

Chocolates on the kitchen counter, heart shaped waffles with whip cream at breakfast, cookies in Young Women’s and a pink lollipop bouquet shyly placed in my hands from an especially sweet girl; ripe red strawberries dipped in Belgian chocolate, a heart shaped cake, pinky red m&ms— I’ve been off sugar for three weeks and ably resisted them all. And then we rolled out the thick buttery sugar cookies- it’s my own recipe perfected after years of practice- a soft, not too sweet dough baked until just done and frosted with generous swirls of  vanilla-almond buttercream frosting.

I selected a perfectly shaped and baked and frosted cookie, breaking off just a corner to inhale the sweet scent. Minutes later the entire cookie was gone.

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