A Few Of My Favorite Things. Or Not.

By Brooke Benton

Recently our Relief Society had a meeting that highlighted people’s “favorites.” I didn’t go because my favorite right now is getting my kids to bed and then going to bed myself to enjoy uninterrupted quiet and a spot of solitude before drifting away to blissful dreams of tropical shorelines and tan limbs. (Or something like that.)

But I contemplated going (which is almost as good as going) (SAYS ME) and because I did, I started to try and think what I would bring that was my favorite. Sadly, this task took a surprising amount of dedicated brainpower, and as I scoured the far recesses of wherever the want and comfort center resides in this ol’ body of mine, I couldn’t immediately cull up anything that I loved enough to set upon a table and make declarations of love for.

Except for my six-year-old.



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