By Melonie Cannon

If you’ve ever attended a guided meditation class, one of the first journeys the teacher might take you on is to imagine yourself as a tree with roots growing from the bottoms of your feet or your root chakra. These roots spread out and grow and entangle themselves with the center of the earth so …

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The Mother of all Living, the Good, the Evil and The Tree of Life

By Sandra Clark

  Of all those feeling alone, forgotten and marginalized, the largest group I think must be the women of the Church. We find ourselves carrying not only our own crosses but the crosses of those we love as well.  As a result of pain and anguish many of us are looking for the comfort of …

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The Love of God

By Meg Conley

JULY 21, 2015 Hello, friends. I’ve been gone for a time. Gone from you and in some ways, gone from me. We moved while I was missing and I am finding myself in this new place. There is healing and there is hope in this little house. I’ll write more soon. But, for now, I’ll …

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