Playing Santa

By Elizabeth Cranford Garcia

Amongst the various articles circulating on the internet assessing what kind of damage we may have done to our children this Christmas–perpetuating the Santa “lie,” contributing to mass materialism, engendering a sense of entitlement in our kids–I found one author conveying a salient point about how we use gifts; are we using the promise of …

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And the Soul Felt Its Worth

By Angela Hallstrom

I sat in my car, my hands gripping the steering wheel, glaring at the front end loader inching its way across the road. Perhaps the sheer force of my gaze could speed the thing up? But no. It lurched forward, then back, then forward, then back, performing what appeared to be a 39-point turn to nowhere. I glanced at the dashboard clock and groaned.

I was going to be late. Again.

Why did I take this route when I knew it was torn apart, under construction? Why didn’t I think? And why, oh why, was I always the only member of the Relief Society presidency who showed up to our meetings scrambling and breathless instead of composed and prepared?

When would I ever get my act together?

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