Staying Grounded

By Jennifer Whitcomb

My brother Aaron wrote a family letter day-before-yesterday, chronicling the goings-on of his week.  It was informal, cheery and full of the stuff that makes up his life.  In closing, he mentioned an article he had read in this month’s Ensign magazine; a Devotional Address entitled “Things As They Really Are” by Elder David A. Bednar.  My brother’s final two sentences were:  “We are living in a virtual world and people are losing their grip on reality.  Stay grounded.”

Those two sentences left me thinking about reality and staying grounded longer than I had planned.  His letter brought to mind a discussion my husband and I had regarding Facebook a few weeks ago.  The conversation centered on being able to keep in touch with people who, without the internet, would be WAY off the radar screen. 

We recently had an internet safety class in our ward (it was sparsely attended) that pointed out the dangers of establishing cyber-relationships with members of the opposite sex.  Some in-class comments by a woman I admire and respect left me thinking about my own online and Facebook relationships.

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