So, why are there pictures of your kid on the internet?

By Johnna Ferguson

Seriously. This is what I always think, as I’m reading the funny things your kids say. And I do mean the stories, as well as the actual pictures, since there’s something so immediate about blogging. And something so universal about the concrete details of a child’s life. And something so political about the fact you write about it parenting like it matters. And yes, you have the cutest, most adorable kid(s) in the world. And you write so cleverly about it. And it’s charming how you do so repeatedly and we get a peek at how this child is growing up.

uh, what if you develop a fanbase?

I’ve got one of those adorable kids. One of those kids that can hear her name mentioned three blocks away, or hear any word with a long A in it. “What are you saying about me?!!”

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