A God-Shaped Hole

By Kellie Purcill

There’s not a big difference between holy and holey. Just a little swirl of ink, to look at it on the page. The difference grows more pronounced in real-life, though, more clearly defined in terms of the bits that are missing, the shine that is muted, the fatigue drooping the edges, the decided lack of …

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Scarcity and Prayer

By Kellie Purcill

119HThe answer came as a little rectangle of paper, a few lines printed across it, nothing else. As answers to prayers went, I was decidedly underwhelmed.

I sighed, and scrunched my eyes a little tighter to squeeze whatever other clue out I could get.

A little piece of paper, some empty lines… and a smoothed lead pencil. Ah… recognition. In response, a blink type effect, then two names are there, carefully pressed into the paper. My ex-husband’s name, and his wife’s.

I am not a god of scarcity.

Huh. I ended my prayer and rolled into bed mulling the answer over like it was a loose tooth.

I’ve been wrecking myself against some significant decisions lately. I’ve had the stresses of starting a new job, beginning the second year of my degree, my youngest has started high school, and my oldest is in his final year. I’ve come home some nights late in the evening, to the assorted messes and heavy slumbering heat two teenagers can make, and wondered just what on earth I was trying to do with my life.

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Heavenly Father: The Ultimate Fairy Godmother?

By Hildie Westenhaver

I’ve tried not to bug Heavenly Father too much over the years. When I developed my theory of not wearing out my welcome with God I was probably in my late teens and it made a lot of sense. The idea being that if I never ask for much, when I really do need extra help, Heavenly Father would think, “oh, she never asks for anything, this must really be serious; I should help her out.”

The problem with this way of thinking is that it treats God like He’s some sort of fairy godmother whose main purpose is to grant our wishes. While that does happen from time to time, that’s not His job. How often I forget that Heavenly Father doesn’t exist to make our lives easier.

Frankly I was bummed to come to that realization.

He sent us here to make us into the absolute best version of ourselves.

And guess what! Fun, happy, wonderful things are not the things that make us into fabulous people.

That realization was an even bigger bummer.

Heavenly Father answers prayers. I know this with absolute certainty. But I also know that the answer I’m hoping for is 95% of the time not the same answer that our Father has. I can either be a big pouty pants and shake my fist at God that He’s not listening to me because obviously I know how I want my life to be way better than He does. Or I can sit down and try to understand my struggles from His point of view.

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