It’s new. Do you like it?

By Johnna Ferguson

It’s new…do you like it?

Well, okay, now it’s a week old, the new look here at Blog Segullah. The template we had been using, which I had adapted from Juicy when the blog launched, was looking a bit cluttered and drab from all my add-ons and color changes. And, it became apparent during our recent free issue contest, that some of you didn’t know we do a journal.

I really admire the blogs done by J. Stapley; particularly I can always find what I’m looking for at the three-column blogs By Common Consent and Splendid Sun. However, I decided to try and put together a three column of our own, based on the Deficient WordPress Theme. Love that name. Deficient has a lot of cool features, like lists that appear only when you click for them. Despite my resolve to use something off the shelf, I ended up making so many alterations for our context that what you’re seeing are Deficient’s well-coded bones.

So let’s start the tour.

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