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Vote Segullah for a Wheatie!

By Sandra Clark

Wheat and Tares, another Mormon blog puts out annual awards for the best Mormon blogs, posts, bloggers, etc., and Segullah is among the nominees this year. We’d love your love in ballot box. Please take a moment if you could to vote for your favorite, and (hint, hint) the link to some of our best posts from last year are in our letter to the readers from Monday.

And thanks, wheatandtares.org, we’re flattered.

Go vote! 

About Sandra Clark

Sandra Clark Jergensen's writing (most often about food) has been published in Gastronomica, Apartment Therapy, The Exponent, and at Segullah, where she was once the Editor-in-Chief, and now as Features Editor. Sandra geeked out on food and writing as a master's student food studies at University of Texas, Arlington. She makes her home in California where she runs without shoes, foster parents, teaches cooking, develops recipes, and struggles to take pictures with her eyes open, and sometimes all at the same time. She is the owner and creator of thekitchennatural.com.

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