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You’re Invited: Segullah Studio Night

By Leslie Graff

chunkWhere: Shelah’s house (Salt Lake)

When: Thursday July 9, 7pm

Why: Come meet, mingle, chat, and create with Segullah friends. Leslie Graff will be there to help you try your hand at painting. 

What to bring: You can bring your own supplies or else we will have everything you need to do an acrylic painting on canvas board (11×14″).  Prismacolor pencils and Mi-Teintes paper will also available if you prefer to draw. Please bring $5 to cover supply costs, unless you plan to use only your own stuff. Bring an image to work from or an idea. 

RSVP: Leave a comment and email shelah[at]gmail.com. Let us know if you are coming, whether or not you are bringing your own supplies and we’ll email you directions. Space will be limited to 20.

Any other studio questions email Leslie at lesccls[at]gmail.com

See you there for summer fun and of course delicious treats too!

About Leslie Graff

(Art Director) In her pre-diapering days, Leslie earned an MS in Marriage and Family Studies from BYU. This entitled her to mold the minds of impressionable college students in rambling six-hour lecture courses and travel the world as child life specialist. She now passes the seasons in a quaint Massachusetts town with her husband, Allen, and three young sons. She spends her days encouraging play, championing global causes, and whipping up a mean R2D2 cake. She savors her nights, stealing away to her studio to paint.

21 thoughts on “You’re Invited: Segullah Studio Night”

  1. what?! no extra charge for awesomeness?!i am SO there! Yay! can't wait.

    i will bring something yummy to share, five bucks for supplies, and i'll try to come up with an image to work from. that's where i get most stuck though. can you teach inspiration?!
    thanks leslie and shelah!!!

  2. If there is still room I would love to come. I will need to coordinate care of our children with the other semi adult responsible person in my life. 🙂 Otherwise if there is a spot I'm in.

  3. I am coming for sure! If you have the supplies I would rather use yours, since I don't think I have the right kind of acrylics, so I'll bring the $$. You are great to do this, can't wait!

  4. Hello, I am a lurker/enjoyer of Segullah/friend of Dovie's and I would love to be included in this event if there is still room. I most definitely DO NOT have my own supplies but I do have $5 (usually) This sounds delightful and I look forward to being inspired!

  5. there are plenty of supplies-I shipped an entire box of paints from my studio… see you all next week~ start thinking of what you'd like to create…

  6. I've been out of town and just saw this post. I hope there is still room!! I would LOVE to come. I'd read the interview with Leslie and was wishing so much that she lived by ME!

    I've done some oil painting in the past – so I have a canvas. I would pay way more than $5 to come though.

    As for a picture for inspiration? After seeing the painting in the first picture of the interview post (with Leslie and kids in it I'm guessing), I've been wanting to do a tree!

  7. i've been wanting to do a tree too…is that totally copycatting though? i actually did write about wishing i could paint a picture of a tree before this post, so it's not totally just leslielusting.

    i'll bring something yummy to snack on too. anyone else want to pitch in some munchies?

    Leslie, thank you for this great kindness. Shelah, thank you for making it possible! You are both amazing and i can't wait!

  8. Nettalien– If you need directions, let me know. Otherwise I'll see you on Thursday!

    blue– I know we've had one other dessert volunteer, and I plan to make something too, so we'll have a great little smorgasbord of good things! I probably won't paint, but I will eat!

  9. I'm so sorry I missed this, I wrote down the 11th on my calendar! I just came online to show my sister your work, and found out it was yesterday! LMK if there's ever another chance to meet up with you, maybe while you're here or another time. I even can fly out to NYC anytime, lol (benefits of working for an airline)

  10. clarice- sorry you missed it- I think. We had a great time. I think we will do another one. It might not be until next year but we'll get to it one of these days.


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