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Are you an ant or a grasshopper?

By Dalene Rowley

Last week I went to the grocery store and while I was casually meandering past the aisle of rice and beans I got quite a shock.

The rice row was completely empty.

Here’s the thing. There is no shortage of rice in the U.S. We produce some 95% of the rice we eat. In fact, we export roughly half of the rice we grow here.

But due to a panic over the very real food shortage faced in other countries and rising prices here, there has been a run on rice in the U.S.

Today’s question is this:

What are your thoughts regarding the current situation with gas, food and the economy? Locally, nationally and/or globally. Do you feel your family is already well prepared? Are you panicked and are you stockpiling? Or are you somewhere in between. Or perhaps your situation is such that you don’t yet have space and/or budget to have a year’s supply. If so, how do you feel about that?

What do you feel you currently doing well to prepare for emergencies?

What do you wish you were doing better?

What are your goals looking forward?

More info regarding the current situation and the church’s new guidelines can be found at the following websites:



providentliving.org (Did you know the church recently changed their focus in regards to food storage?)

By the way, just as I was leaving the aisle of rice and beans, I noticed a small, one-pound package of generic white rice someone had apparently returned.

I bought it.

You know.

Just in case.

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Began blogging as a legitimate way to avoid housework and to keep a journal of sorts. In her other life she wants to be excellent at a number of things, but in this one she's settling for baking a mean sour cream lemon pie, keeping most of the points on her quilt blocks in line, being a loyal friend and aspiring to moments of goodness as a wife and mother.

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