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coulda heard a pin drop

By Dalene Rowley

My tween daughter Susie Q (not her real name) has a hard time breaking away from whatever she is doing to come when she is called. Although her excuses vary, there was a time when, no matter what I asked of her, her reply was always this:

One sec.

You may imagine that grew a bit tiresome as seconds rolled into minutes and minutes rolled into…well, you know.

Which is what prompted the following exchange that took place in a somewhat public location:

Me: “Susie, come here NOW, please.”

Susie: “One sec!”

Me (loudly and emphatically): “NO MORE SECS!”

About Dalene Rowley

Began blogging as a legitimate way to avoid housework and to keep a journal of sorts. In her other life she wants to be excellent at a number of things, but in this one she's settling for baking a mean sour cream lemon pie, keeping most of the points on her quilt blocks in line, being a loyal friend and aspiring to moments of goodness as a wife and mother.

12 thoughts on “coulda heard a pin drop”

  1. I've heard elsewhere of this exact exchange happening, and funnily enough I was just thinking, tonight, when my daughter said, "Just a minute," and I shouted back, "No minutes!" that I was grateful she says minutes instead of sec.


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