Evening Comes to Donner Lake

By Cheri Schulzke

air cools.
rich, lucent blue
ripples, flaxen
with slanted sunlight.

canoe slips
through narrow
pine-shadowed inlet,
coarse sand.

jumbled cargo awaits—
remnants of play.
laughter fades

sandcastles sag
as little waves
greet one small
stray shovel.

suntips slide
behind the alp.
wind stops.
the lake rests
silent as glass.


About Cheri Schulzke

In her previous life, Cheri survived BYU's music undergrad and English master's programs. Now she keeps busy with her four kids, two in junior high and two younger ones who homeschool. In her "spare" time, she reads as often as possible, writes occasionally, and plays piano even less (though she loves them all). Cheri enjoys hiking and being outdoors and is a sucker for well-crafted movies and gourmet food.

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