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Mysterious Ways?

By Courtney Kendrick

I am in a shroud of mystery these days.

It’s either mystery or my stupidity ( I prefer the former) but what do you make of these?

  • Every night around eleven o’clock a truck with a flashing light comes up and down our street spraying something into the air. It makes a wishshshing and woshshshing sound as it goes about this business. Then it disappears due west.
  • The weeds in our gutter are dying. Weeds in gutters do not die. They are immortal. Did someone spray my weeds when I wasn’t looking? And if so, should I be grateful or embarrassed?
  • When I change our bed linens I always notice stains the color of a blue Popsicle. Sometimes it is on the pillow cases, sometimes the top sheet, sometimes the fitted sheet (but oddly not the bed skirt . . .) The stain appears on various sheets with differing thread count. And for the record, my husband and I have never, ever enjoyed a blue Popsicle in bed. Orange? Yes. Twice.
  • I have made three peach cobblers in July. One was okay. The second one was too dry. The third one came out of the oven just perfect. Giving it time to cool before ingestion, we went for a walk. Upon our return the entire cobbler had turned the color of ripe seaweed. Yes, I said RIPE seaweed.
  • I watched (and loved) Anne of Green Gables last night on the KBYU telethon. Today when I met up with a friend she told me that she had never seen the series. Did you just read what I wrote? Never seen the Anne of Green Gables series! Simply put, I learned the very art of emotion from Anne Shirley. Where else would someone learn it? This is a very serious mystery.
  • I ate spinach ravioli today with orange plastic chop sticks. This action brought out a new flavor I’ve never before tasted when using a fork.
  • Everytime I commence writing my Segullah post on Tuesday nights I am seized upon by a force of insecurity. I sweat. My heart pounds. I am suddenly ADHD. I play with my hair a lot. After I am done posting I usually desire a over-stuffed burrito in my belly.

Any more perplexities and you’ll think I am making this junk up.

Is it true, does God really work in mysterious ways?

It’s working.

(Get that burrito ready.)

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23 thoughts on “Mysterious Ways?”

  1. Very mysterious indeed. Maybe they are spraying for mosquitos? I wish they would! The other stuff is just really freaky. Maybe it's the ghost that lives at your house. I forget her name. 🙂

    I love Anne of Green Gables! Why don't they ever show it without all the annoying interruptions?

  2. Dear Kindred Spirit and Lover of Purple,

    Do you use liquid laundry detergent? A detergent that is a blue color?

    In a plot twist worthy of Dickens, my microwave just went *ding* to indicate that my burrito is ready (not kidding.)

    The Lady of Shalot

  3. I love a good mystery–especially when you are the writer and the main character.

    p.s. Can I get a copy of the peach cobbler recipe? I've never had seaweed-colored cobbler. Sounds exciting.

  4. I lived the first 15 years of my life answering the question "What would Anne do?" when faced with any moral dilemma. I used to watch the show at least once a month. AT LEAST. And I've read the book series dozens of times. I cannot imagine a girl of our generation who has never seen it. Remind me sometime to tell you a story involving the Anne movies.

    My summer mystery: My cell phone beeps constantly unless it is plugged in. Also, it turns itself on whenever it feels like it. That is spooky and I have more than once been tempted to grab my babies and flee the house when the possessed phone suddenly starts playing music or chirping when I KNOW that I turned it off.

  5. That was great! As an over-dramatic too-skinny red-head, growing up my idol was Anne Shirley. I quote her quite often. It is odd to me when people haven't seen or read it. HUH? Didn't everyone have the same experiences as I did growing up?

    I chose Anne of Green Gables for my bookclub pick last month and had a fun Anne tribute lunch complete with the soundtrack playing in the background (that I bought back in '91). It was great. We really dove into the passion that is Anne.

  6. Who's Anne Shirley? (Maybe it *is* a Utah thing — I guess in NY, some of us assumed that Anne of Green Gables was the same as Little House on the Prairie, and, well . . . feh.)

    Okay, cj, WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT TRUCK?! I nearly called the police the first time is whooshed by. Are we being poisoned?!

  7. Anne who? Sorry, never read her or watched her movie. I know, blasphemy!

    I can't hear the truck from my place. Do you think it is spraying for weeds in the gutter?

  8. The truck sprays around my place too. It is spraying mosquitos, although I still have a million of them around that zoom in everytime a door is cracked open.

    I've watched Anne more times than I can count and yet am still drawn to her everytime it is on TV. Blasted telethon interruptions.

    Liquid laundry detergent leaves mysterious blue streaks.

    Love love love peach cobbler.

    Enjoy your burrito.

  9. Anne is not only a Utah thing . . . also very California . . . and so very different from Little House.

    I did, however, fall in love with Gilbert Blithe in Utah, Thanksgiving, 1986.

    CJane, my life is not as mysterious as yours.

    You should post the seaweed cobbler recipe.

    I vote be grateful that your gutter weeds are dying. Well, and maybe check to see if something toxic flows through your gutters. 🙂

  10. Very strange.

    Mysterious black spots keep appearing on certain white articles of clothing after they've been washed at the laundromat.

    Miss the Anne of Green Gables marathon. Here in NY it's all geared to rich, old people–who are either African-American or Jewish. Don't get me wrong, I love those people, but how many times can you watch The Best of Doo Wop in one year? I mean really. It gets old.

    I have the scientific answer to your cobbler problem. Do you wanna hear it? The strange color results from the chemical reaction of acid and alkaline, etc., etc. in the fruit and components of the biscuit dough–is that the kind you were using??? Blueberry pancakes can turn green if there is too much acid–I think. Anyway, it just looks ugly, but you're safe eating it. It happened to me with a delectable cobbler I made with fresh plums, peaches, nectarines, and red currants. The next morning it was unrecognizable. Then we left if out on the stove and grew the funkiest looking and smelling mold I've ever seen. It was so cool.

  11. I loved Anne of Green Gables growing up in Michigan and Minnesota. As a family we planned on taking a trip to her homeland in eastern Canada, but it never materialized. Luckily, my mission call was to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. We even took a P-day to check out the 'Anne house' and sights. I was very disappointed in the sights, but not the beauty of the area.

  12. Martha! I am from Michigan! Where did you live? And cjane, being a woman of mystery is oh so fantastique!

    Just don't inhale too deeply whilst lying in the grass near your gutter.

  13. I have to sadly admit that I too have never seen any of the Anne of GG series. I have a friend that gushes about it every chance she gets ….Can I rent it somewhere???

    I am happy that your mosquitos are getting sprayed, I wish mine were.

    An overstuffed burrito sounds delish…..what kind does a lacto intolerant vegetarian order???? I'm dying to know.

    Peach Cobbler sounds wonderful, however I am on a diet….so sad for me.

    I get blue spots from my liquid softener sometimes.

    Don't look a dead weed in the mouth.

  14. ok, pleeeaaassseee, if you find out what that mystery truck is mysteriously spraying, tell me!! chris and i have been checking it out the past few nights as it drives by our house and we're perplexed!!

  15. Did you use a cast-iron dutch oven for the cobbler? They don't like acidic concoctions, so the cobbler would turn green-brown if left for a little while. The easiest way to fix that is eat it while it's hot, or to remove it from the pot when it's done, then let it cool. Or get an enamel dutch oven or a glass deep dish pie pan, like the one used for pot pies. Or a souffle mold. Or a casserole. Of course, if you didn't use cast iron, well bugger.

  16. I had blue spots on my white face cloth this morning. I just bought some Kirkland brand blue laundry detergent.
    I've never seen Anne of GG.
    I'm not coordinated enough to figure out chop sticks….*gasp*-I know!

  17. •Didn't you hear? It's a fertility truck. Next time it comes by just run right out in your nightie and breathe in that babymaker spray. I've been trying and trying to get the city to send one of those trucks over to my street, but so far, no luck. Maybe you could pull some strings with the city council . . . ?
    •Babymaker spray works on gutter weeds like Kryptonite on Superman. Nobody knows why. Another mystery.
    •Sounds like there's a real problem with the color orange morphing at your house.
    •Nori peachy.
    •Wow, I just got it. Your fugitive color problem all started with Anne Shirley. Orange hair, Green Gables. [BTW, I was a child of the Pippi persuasion too. That probably explains a lot about my ensuing development.]
    •Green. Orange. Again. Is this your way of predicting a new color trend?
    •Your nervous sweats produce good reads. You deserve not only your weekly burrito but also a Maverick self-serve (aka pile-it-high) frozen yogurt.

    I'd love to read more of your perplexities.

    One thing's for sure, God doesn't move in stupid ways.

  18. I agree with Lindsey on the cobbler issue.
    Loved Anne, with an 'e',loved Little House,…never thrilled with Pippi.
    Perhaps the metal in the fork plays with the taste of the food, whereas the chopsticks do not?
    I would think that the blue is from either your detergent or fabric softener…or maybe your house is built on an ancient faery burial ground.
    The whole mystery truck with spray reminds me of the 50's era when trucks with DDT would show up and spray everything in sight. There was no harm in DDT, I am sure there is no harm in whatever is killing your weeds. 😯


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