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Our New Book, Seasons of Change: Stories of Transition

By Sherilyn Stevenson

You’ve probably heard by now that we have a new book, and if you haven’t — well, let us fill you in! Here’s what you need to know:


We’re so proud of our third anthology, Seasons of Change: Stories of Transition, and know that you, our faithful readers, will relate to this collection of essays and poetry.



By the grace of God and the work, worry, love, and moxie of its editors, Sandra Clark Jergensen and Shelah Miner, Seasons of Change was published by Peculiar Pages.



Our talented contributors:

Claire Akebrand, Catherine Arveseth, Teresa TL Bruce, Melonie Cannon, Jessie Christensen, Emily Clyde Curtis, Jes S. Curtis, Melissa Dalton-Bradford, Tressa Brown Edmunds, Rosalyn Eves, Gladys Clark Farmer Fetzer, Elizabeth Cranford Garcia, Lisa Meadows Garfield, Leslie M. W. Graff, Angela Hallstrom, Lisa Rumsey Harris, Teresa Hirst, Sandra Clark Jergensen, Melody Newey Johnson, Heather Kimball, Linda Hoffman Kimball, Jennie LaFortune, Tracy McKay Lamb, Julia Blue Le Mar, Anna Sam Lehnardt, Michelle Lehnardt, Melissa McQuarrie, Emily Bishop Milner, Shelah Mastny Miner, Lara Yates Niedermeier, Becca Ogden, Sherilyn Olsen, Heather Oman, Luisa M. Perkins, Kel Purcill, Jennifer Quist, Christie Clark Rasmussen, Dalene Rowley, Courtney Miller Santo, Katie Stirling, Kylie Nielson Turley, Terresa Wellborn, Darlene Young, Melissa Young

(If you know someone on this list or have followed their writing on Segullah, you definitely want this book.)



Some of us write to express, create, or heal, and all of us, because we simply must.



To Purchase:

In Utah County, find us at Writ & Vision.

In Salt Lake, we’re at The King’s English.

Find us online at Peculiar Pages and Amazon (digital and paperback).

(Watch for us in other bookstores within the coming weeks.)


Join Us for Reading Events…:

…in Weber County (at a location to be determined) on Friday, Nov. 10

…in Utah County at Writ & Vision on Saturday, Nov. 11

…in Salt Lake at the England’s home on Sunday, Nov. 12 at 7 pm

(Facebook events and invites coming for the readings nearest you.)


We’re eager for you to read it and let us know what you think, so send us a message on our Facebook page, or even better, rate us on Amazon. 

About Sherilyn Stevenson

Prose Editor at Segullah, Sherilyn Stevenson's essays and poetry appear in Dialogue, The Friend, LDS Living, Mothers Always Write, and other publications. She earned a Masters of English with a creative writing emphasis and works for state government in Utah.

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