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Oops, I forgot

By Shelah Miner

If you’ve been waiting all day for your daily dose of Segullah goodness with anticipation building, hoping as the hours went by that we were making you wait for something really good, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. The truth is, I forgot.

I hate to forget things, but it seems like I’ve been doing a lot of it lately. I was stuck in traffic on the freeway on the way to my kids’ piano lessons when I felt that recently-all-too-familiar pit in my stomach, the knowledge that I’d forgotten something, I just didn’t know what it was. And then it struck me, my Segullah post. The day I brainstorm for and look forward to all month. This month you get the unbrainstormed, by the seat of my pants version. Take it or leave it. 

The sad thing is, today’s episode in forgetfulness is just one in a long line of forgotten soccer practices and book club meetings and email replies. Other things I’ve forgotten (just this weekend!) include:

* To make cute little handouts to remind the primary kids of their assignments for next week (although, coming from me, they wouldn’t have been cute, merely functional, which already feels like a deficiency of some sort)

* The names of all of the teachers of the Senior Primary as I was conducting yesterday. I looked up at a sea of faces, couldn’t remember what I should call anyone, sighed, and said, “Oh, and the rest of you, consider yourselves free to go.”

* To buy my nephew an appropriate present for his baptism until it was too late. Instead, he got a Game Stop gift card, which I rationalized to my mother-in-law, saying, “Yeah, kids get lots of boring books for their baptism. We thought it would be nice to get him something fun.” Forgetting, of course, that she’s the one who buys the baptism books.

* To make my daughter brush her hair and wash her face in between her dance performance and the baptism. She looked like the lone smudged little pageant girl among all of her fresh-faced cousins.

* To check to make sure I was decent before running out to the garage for a gallon of milk yesterday morning. I wandered out, ahem, less than presentably dressed, to find my neighbor standing in his driveway, not ten feet away from me.

I feel like I may be losing it, but it would help if I had some company in this forgetfulness party. What have you forgotten lately?

About Shelah Miner

(Co-Editor-in-Chief) teaches English at BYU and French at a Salt Lake City middle school. She has an addiction to her Audible account, hates making dinner, and embraces the chaos of life with a husband, six kids, a dog, a lizard and four rabbits.

30 thoughts on “Oops, I forgot”

  1. To send you back the things you have lent me–Nobody Knows (*cough* over a year ago) and Rift. You are generous and (I hope) very patient.

    and… I know there is more stuff but I have forgotten it. But if I remember what I forgot I will comment again.

  2. forgot an orthodontist appt. for my 13 year old last week, asthma medication for my youngest and to tell the Young Men about changing our Joint Activity (uh-oh).

    You're definitely not alone.

  3. I got in the car once and drove all the way to my daughter's dance class only to get there and figure out that she was still at home. That was lovely.

  4. Tuesday I forgot to make rolls for the missionary district meeting. I remembered when the RS Pres called to see where they were. Ooops. Then, same RS was at the elementary school when I realized I had forgotten to make a salad for the teacher appreciation luncheon.

  5. I'm with #2, I can't even remember what I forgot. I loathe it when people jump all over me like they never ever forget anything. Oh I remembered – I forgot everything I learned in Math 110 and now I have to take a Psych Stats class.

    In random associations – As a child I had a t-shirt that said "An elephant never forgets." What's up with that?

  6. My daughter's birthday thank you's are still on my desk. Her birthday was in February, and I keep forgetting to send them out. I also forgot to pay my property tax last month and one auto registration renewal. I am the most recent poster child for "How to Secure Late Fee Penalties". Gah. 🙁

  7. Forgot to pay my phone bill. It's paid now, but late. I figure the company should be used to it. I forget EVERY month.

    I forgot to write inside the book I bought my Mum for Mother's Day. Wow, she was upset that I'd forgotten! Won't do that again… I hope.

  8. My worst forgetting has been birthday parties. My middle son, who is very introverted and doesn't have many friends, was invited to a party at the end of last year. Granted, he forgot too, but really. We remembered one day too late. He was pretty embarrassed and probably sad.

    And I've forgotten at least TWO parties my 9 yr. old daughter was invited to. And they weren't on Sunday like most of the ones she's invited to but can't go to. Now that is painful and can't be maken up. She'll be sharing that with her therapist later.

  9. oh…and I had a "smart" phone that I forgot to write those down in which could easily have beeped at me to remind me.

    I tell them how I used to hide to see if anyone would notice the sixth child missing–and they wouldn't. They'll be telling this story-my mom forgot to take them to the only party they were invited to.

  10. Names when I need to remember them. I can tell you everything about a person except their name. It's like my brain puts up a wall and says, "access denied!" I also forgot I needed to make the playdough for my son's Kindergarten class until Sunday night in bed, which meant I had to run to the store a 6am Monday morning to buy cream of tartar and glitter.

  11. It's getting worse, I seem to forget more and more. I've started doing crossword puzzles in hopes that it will give my brain a little exercise. If it's not written in my planner, it usually doesn't happen.

    And I hate it when I forget ortho appointments. They're just so often – it's too easy to forget!!

  12. I buttoned, but forgot to zip-up and buckle my belt before standing in front of an audience to give a presentation. The zipper gap was wide and noticeable thanks to a white tucked-in shirt, and the sides of the belt hung down and nicely framed my forgetfulness. Pretty sad.

  13. Oh dear. I used to be so sharp. And then pregnancy brain struck. And my sharpness has not returned. i forget stuff all the time – the bills, the library books, things I said I would do…the thing that made me feel the worse was forgetting to edit a good friend's resume before she had to turn it in for a class. I thought and thought about how I had to do it when I got to my parents' house, and then completely forgot. Of course, I remembered as we were going out to dinner a few days later. I felt terrible. She assured me it was fine. And you know what? She's the kind of friend that I believe her.

  14. I have forgotten my daughter's dance class two weeks in a row, now- and it has been at the same time on the same day every week for the last two years…

    Yesterday, I forgot I had a naked newborn on my front room floor- I took him out of his bath, all wrapped in a towel, laid him down on the floor, went to his room for some clothes, saw the mess on the floor, cleaned it up, then went to start dinner… an hour later, my sleeping naked newborn was found right where I left him. Poor boy!

  15. I forgot to check the carpool schedule until another carpool mom called to tell me that all the other carpool moms arranged to cover my week due to my having had a baby eight days ago. Bless them!

    Never mind that it has taken me a good month (or so) to mentally lock in different lessons, practices, etc. at the beginning of a new school year.

    Yep, you're in good company!

  16. I have become downright forgetful, and I really don't like it. Last month, I forgot that my visiting teachers were coming…for the second month in a row. Not good.

    I've also forgotten a couple of appointments recently.

    Either menopause is kicking my you-know-what or I am overwhelmed with stuff to do. Probably a little of both.

    And I am writing WAY too much, which puts me in a zone that's hard to get out of sometimes…Like I have to tunnel my way back to the "real world." An odd feeling.


  17. Today I was supposed to go and get ingredients for my middle-schooler to participate in a version of Iron Chef. Forgot. Completely. Hopefully she will forgive me. More importantly hopefully the teacher won't fail her. That would be awesome helping my straight A student fail cooking.

  18. When my husband and his partner decided that they really needed iPhones for work, I didn't think I needed one. But since we had to switch providers and I needed a new phone, I got one anyway. It has saved me a few times. I frequently set two alarms for myself, especially for things involving advance prep, like snack for my son's class. The alarm reminds me a day or two ahead of time, so I pick up the snack at the store and then reminds me again the morning of, so I remember to send it in.

    Of course, my phone is unable to help me remember to take my glasses off before getting in the shower, which I did the other day.

  19. If I remember to turn on the computer in the morning, and if I remembered to put the upcoming appointments and tasks in the Outlook, it will remind me. Otherwise, my children have to remind me again and again, and even then I may still forget 5 minutes before the event/appointment/party/whatever. Sigh. I think it's just getting older/having other people to look out for that fries the old brain.

  20. "If it’s not written in my planner, it usually doesn’t happen."

    I'm totally with you, Justine. My calendar is my life. Even then, I might just forget to look at it!

  21. In March I was asked to speak at the Relief Society birthday meeting. I accepted. A week before the event I went running out to my car thinking I had forotten to go (or prepare for my talk). The next week–with a 40 page paper due the next day, I frantically finished my final revisions on the paper. The phone rang as I hit the save botton. My relief society president was on the other end of the phone–I didn't remember who she was nor why she was calling me.

    "Hi, This is Sandy Taylor."
    "Yes," I replied–awkward silence.
    "Your relief society president" (strange almost questioning inflexion).
    "Hi, Sandy. What can I do for you?"
    "Are you coming?"
    Long pause—Death curtling scream—–

    "Aaaahhhhhhh–I mean–sure, I will be right there."

    Thankfully, God seems to work with my forgetfulness. The night before while struggling with my paper, I realized I wouldn't get his help until I had written my college letter to my daughter and her friends. The inspiration I had received for the letter had in fact been exactly what I was suppose to speak about for the event. Scriptures and quotes ready to go (accidently) I ran out the door only 30 minutes late for my assignment.

  22. In this fast-paced life, its a miracle that we can function without forgetting a lot more than we do — and no wonder we find ourselves overcommitted, overplanned, overbooked, overwrought, overwhelmed, and from time to time over-the-edge. I've found that I can generally keep 5 balls up in the air, but if I happen to get a 6th ball — 1 ball drops — unfortunately I can't control which one it is!

  23. Until I read this post, I forgot that I wasn't the only one who was forgetting things. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  24. #6 I don't know the posters here well enough to know if you are joking,etc:

    "In random associations – As a child I had a t-shirt that said “An elephant never forgets.” What’s up with that?"

    But I believe that refers to the excellent memory elephants are supposed to have. I recall reading something about elephants mourning over the loss of a beloved fellow elephant, the elephant was noted to be grieving the site where a loved one (an elelphant) had died or something.


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