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Peculiar Treasures: Character and Cake

By Sandra Clark


Since Kel’s review of Eat Cake a few months back I did two things: read the sweet little book and bake and share more cake. Accepting homemade cake when offered may be the mark of a good guest, or maybe a hungry one, or perhaps good character.  Even better is in the willingness to bake, to bake for them two,  when you’d maybe rather not bake at all.

Need to borrow an egg? This couple puts our 10,000 every Easter.  Have at least three? Then hurry and make one of my most favorite and versatile, and fully foolproof simple cakes (it was dreamy filled with lemon curd and topped with berries).

Don’t bake?  Make.  A jet powered bike, a mini spaceship or an air powered car from Legos.

Make something of yourself. You can do that through a MOOC. David Brooks explains what the best people are made of; components for real character: The Moral Bucket List.

And now emoji characters for the introverted characters in your life: introjis!

This week’s First Draft Poem by Lara is not about cake, but character sprung from the NYT article.


Pause on the rise
and know it’s temporary,
and feel the sun at your back,
the wind drying eyeballs or tears or both.

I worried who would return
if I went away—went a(nother) way—
but I walked the road still,
even with the honking, waving,

trash-tossing riders.
I have learned that I am not a rider.
Walk until the next sign,
walk until that burning bush a mile on…

Things you miss travelling by foot:
– drive-thru windows
– air conditioning
– seat belts

Convenience and comfort.
You can’t sleep though the night while
gaining ground unless you’re

The rise is nice, and you could stay
longer than a day, longer even
but the cure is in the trenches,
in the up and down,

in walking the darkness
until what is right
lights you up
and home is everywhere.

Have you had a particularly good cake lately?

About Sandra Clark

Sandra Clark Jergensen's writing (most often about food) has been published in Gastronomica, Apartment Therapy, The Exponent, and at Segullah, where she was once the Editor-in-Chief, and now as Features Editor. Sandra geeked out on food and writing as a master's student food studies at University of Texas, Arlington. She makes her home in California where she runs without shoes, foster parents, teaches cooking, develops recipes, and struggles to take pictures with her eyes open, and sometimes all at the same time. She is the owner and creator of thekitchennatural.com.

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