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Peculiar Treasures: It’s Personal

By Sandra Clark

photo-1436262513933-a0b06755c784Have you been following along with the coverage of the Pope’s visit to the U.S.? The share grief and shows of compassion have been beautiful. If you want a quick take away from some of his beautiful words, catch 8 great quotes from his UN speech.

Coming back around to our personal faith, we will miss the sincerity and kindness of Elder Richard G. Scott. And step in with Elder Christofferson and some insight about the selection of three newest apostles (that will be announced this weekend at general conference).

Four rituals that make happiness more accessible.  Or spend your money on experiences instead of things to get a surprisingly better bang for your buck. And a string of comics to make sense of anxiety and depression.

This current work place culture isn’t working for our personal lives. 

Perhaps nothing is more personal, more pulling that the cry of our own child. The cry of her daughter woke a mother from a coma that nothing else could. We can teach children to reciprocate this compassion as well.  Particularity by teaching self-compassion.

Let curiosity drive your creativity. Author Elizabeth Gilbert shares ideas from her latest book, countering the common quip, “follow your passion.”

Personal accomplishments from the Segullah staff: Elizabeth Garcia has a chapbook of poetry heading to press and Sarita Rich just illustrated a children’s book. (Excuse us while we toot, toot our own little party horn.)

What have been your personal successes and insights this week?



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Sandra Clark Jergensen's writing (most often about food) has been published in Gastronomica, Apartment Therapy, The Exponent, and at Segullah, where she was once the Editor-in-Chief, and now as Features Editor. Sandra geeked out on food and writing as a master's student food studies at University of Texas, Arlington. She makes her home in California where she runs without shoes, foster parents, teaches cooking, develops recipes, and struggles to take pictures with her eyes open, and sometimes all at the same time. She is the owner and creator of thekitchennatural.com.

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