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Peculiar Treasures: What’s the Reason?

By Sandra Clark


Maybe needing to see people smile lead a newly orphaned six year-old give thousands of toys away.

Maybe we don’t always understand each other’s perspective. A viral piece on why the working parent may be unknowingly critical of a SAHP.

Maybe it was a spark of inspiration that lead a photographer to capture images of the homeless in Hawaii, that lead to her finding her father among them.

Maybe struggling isn’t so uncommon, and also doesn’t have to be our lasting feeling. Temple Worship and Temple Worthiness at BCC.

Maybe you are looking for just the name for a obscure sorrow. Your dictionary awaits.

Maybe Sesame Street making a new home at HBO foils what it was created for.

Maybe speaking up against a senseless restriction can get you out of trouble with the law and make the place where you live much more practical and delicious.

Maybe there’s more to the Sky Ladder than celebrating his grandmother’s birthday, but whatever the reason, it’s amazing.

What’s your reason this week?




About Sandra Clark

Sandra Clark Jergensen's writing (most often about food) has been published in Gastronomica, Apartment Therapy, The Exponent, and at Segullah, where she was once the Editor-in-Chief, and now as Features Editor. Sandra geeked out on food and writing as a master's student food studies at University of Texas, Arlington. She makes her home in California where she runs without shoes, foster parents, teaches cooking, develops recipes, and struggles to take pictures with her eyes open, and sometimes all at the same time. She is the owner and creator of thekitchennatural.com.

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