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Prose Editorial

By Sherilyn Stevenson

What a contest! What a comeback. We have missed reading and judging the contest entries and eagerly anticipated quality (and quantity) submissions. Readers, you will see how we were not disappointed. 

The fiction contest-winning authors certainly embody what former General Young Women’s President, Bonnie L. Oscarson once said, “Sometimes we just need to have a greater vision of what is possible.” Fiction writers show particular bravery in writing what could be, and two standouts emerged this year. With her first place short story, “Pistol of Peace,” Samantha Hastings’s gift of voice will have you laughing throughout and feeling as if you really know her characters. And in “The Dreamer,” Katherine Cowley’s storytelling and artistry will fill you with wonder.

In the creative non-fiction category, winners wowed us with essays from their minds and hearts reminding us of this from Director of Church Charities, Sharon A. Eubank, “Use your voice and your power to articulate what you know and feel.” In first place, Amanda Erdman, walks us through, “Six Ways of Looking at a Pheasant,” using creativity, symbolism, and emotional range to explore the complexities of strained family relationships. Second place winner, LeAnne Bingham Hansen, describes a Sacrament Meeting different from her usual, where sacred reflections and focused details will keep you pondering long after you read “Mysterium.” Next, and in third, Bridget Verhaaren recounts a life-altering event in “Pivot” with prose so tight, each word builds suspense, and you can nearly feel the tragedy with her.

Thank you to all who submitted fiction and non-fiction pieces. Our editorial board was impressed by your efforts, creativity, and willingness to share your work. In fact, we look forward to sharing even more quality stories and essays mined from this year’s contest in upcoming journals.


About Sherilyn Stevenson

Prose Editor at Segullah, Sherilyn Stevenson's essays and poetry appear in Dialogue, The Friend, LDS Living, Mothers Always Write, and other publications. She earned a Masters of English with a creative writing emphasis and works for state government in Utah.

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