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Questions Answered

By Justine Dorton

I won’t say the question, but I will say that it was answered by Elder Uchtdorf saying that courageous decisions require hope. Make them.

Edited to Add: Elder Bednar’s discussion about creating my spiritually before I create it temporally was a pretty powerful answer to the question: “How do I survive my days with all these small children without feeling the urge to lock myself in the bedroom?” Powerful answer for sure.

And you? Any answers to the challenge?

About Justine Dorton

Justine is a mother to five children, and has a husband lodged somewhere (probably in the den). She is not very fond of speaking of herself in third person.

14 thoughts on “Questions Answered”

  1. To be honest, I haven't thought of any specifics. I just like to sit and listen and absorb and see where it takes me and what resonates with me.

    I just got on to say when President Monson starting naming new temples I actually started to hope that perhaps the time had come for France. It hadn't, but the words "Rome Italy" took my breathe away. Last night I heard such encouraging words from the most recently returned mission president from the Finland Helsinki Mission. Wonderful things are happening in Europe and I anticipate the day when the French saints will have their own temple, too.

  2. Oh and I heard afterwards that with these additional temples 82% of members would be within 200 miles (or about three hours round trip of driving) of a temple. That's amazing!

  3. So many answers, it truly has been amazing. Thanks for the challenge! I wrote down 12 fairly specific concerns/questions, and at the end of the 2nd session, only 4 hadn't been addressed or answered specifically, and out of those 4, 2 were touched on, with the Spirit promising more solid answers to come. The basic, overriding theme to my answers? Simplify. Just simplify.

    So now I have to figure out how to simplify without making it complicated.

  4. One of the most specific things I've had on my mind in recent times has been prayer…though I hadn't mentioned that here before.

    Now that I've finally gained a (long overdue) love and appreciation for reading the scriptures, and that's part of my daily life, I've felt like the biggest area I should improve in is getting to the same place with prayer.

    I confess a bit of a life-long tug-o-war over regular, meaningful, consistent prayer. My DH will do meal prayers and family prayer if he's home and I initiate it, but isn't up for couple prayer or individual prayer. So for the past many years I've struggled with that.

    I've had some prayers answered before, but I just felt like I haven't tasted of the goodness and joy that can be felt, nor the strength and power it can supply in a day-to-day (hour-to-hour when needs be) basis.

    So Elder Bednar's talk was more than just a talk on prayer for me. I appreciate how he taught how to pray, and connected the dots for us in a way that I hope, with further reading of his words, will result in significant improvement in this critical aspect of my life.

    So far I just feel so full and happy with the spirit. How 'bout that delightful primary choir? Loved the music today!

  5. I don't remember in recent times any Conference that has started off so strong. Maybe it's just me, but today was awesome! I absolutely loved L. Tom Perry's talk. I am excited for tomorrow.

  6. Questions answered? Not all of them. But many of them. Oh, yes! Many of them.

    My extended family is in Southern Alberta and when they announced the Calgary temple!? Oh, joy!! Joy!! Joy!!

    Man, how I love conference. I'm already spiritually exhausted and we have another full day tomorrow! Whoo-hoo!

  7. I'm always kind of exhausted after General Conference weekend. During Conference I want to just sit and listen, but the need to feed my children and care for them doesn't go away. My husband probably takes the lion's share of the cooking and childcare, and yet I still greatly miss my single days when I could just lap up Conference in perfect quiet. I had to keep reminding myself that I would be able to catch whatever I missed later on MP3, and also that even if it feeds me less to try to listen over the din when my toddler and preschooler get restless, in the long run it's still better for my whole family when we watch together. It was gratifying, too, to see how much my two older kids did take in, this time. And even my four-year-old loved the children's choir.

    I hadn't written down specific questions (didn't see that post before conference,) but I still had questions and concerns in mind which were addressed. I loved Elder Eyring's talk about unity, which offered great wisdom on how to do well in my new calling, and do better in family life. My 8-year-old daughter loved that talk too, and I need to remember her spiritual response to that message, since friction between her and me is one of the greatest causes of disunity in our family lately. I spend so much time locked in power struggles with her, and I have been realizing I really need to work on teaching her principles — of *why* we obey our parents, *why* we do chores, etc. — and to work on that kind of teaching during the times when we're not in gridlock. I also really liked Elder Hales' very similar talk just afterward, about responding in a truly Christian way when we defend our Christianity (etc.)

    Another talk I loved was the one by Elder Corbridge, about how absolutely everything good comes from and through the Savior, and everything else is "madness." I thought it was a beautifully written and powerful message, and, as always when someone testifies of Christ, the Holy Ghost touched me deeply while listening.

    Well, I liked it all. And I really need to get the talks all downloaded to listen to later, since there's so much richness there (and some of it that you just can't catch when childcare duties intrude.) I'll be looking forward to reading everyone else's responses.

  8. the other Michelle L?! I love it!

    I'm still listening to talks that I missed (thanks to six kids and a marathon) but Elder Bednar's talk on prayer answered my questions: what is God's will for me? how can I choose what is best? I loved his analogy that prayer can be the literal creation of my days.

    My husband and boys tell me that priesthood session was especially powerful. I'm waiting for that to come online.

  9. [geek alert] I've been wondering what to make of the general economic/political situation in which we find ourselves. I'd prefer not to get specific about the deeper questions (which I didn't realize I had until I heard them answered – Conference is great like that!); but Pres. Packer's talk about the 12th Article of Faith and the history of the Saints and government was beautiful and, really, answered the biggest questions I had that needed answering.

    Interestingly, a couple of my questions remained relatively unaddressed; I think that's because I've already pondered them and have the answers I need.


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