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Spring is in the air . . .

By Kathyrn Lynard

… and here at Segullah we’re turning over new leaves left and right.

This morning we’re launching our new blog format, courtesy of genius web artist Johnna Cornett. And that’s just the beginning. Spring 2010 marks our forum’s 5th anniversary, and we’re excited to celebrate!

Check out our freshly designed journal site, which includes a comprehensive archive and author index (also courtesy of Johnna,long may she reign). And gear up for our anniversary journal issue, Inside and Outside Marriage, arriving in mailboxes in late spring. We’re giving away several hundred copies of this special double issue, so if you know someone who would love a print subscription to Segullah, let us know and she may be selected to receive one.

Then, mark your calendars for Segullah’s first-ever community writing retreat, coming this summer. Registration will open later this month.

More Segullah awesomeness is in the works, including another batch of greeting cards, other über-cool products, and a new motherhood anthology. Stay tuned!

About Kathyrn Lynard

(Founding Editor) is the author of the memoir The Year My Son and I Were Born (Globe Pequot Press, 2009) and the editor of four published anthologies. She contributes to Mormon forums from Meridian Magazine to Sunstone on a variety of topics including gender issues, disability, mental health, sexuality, family life, and spirituality.

7 thoughts on “Spring is in the air . . .”

  1. Can I just say, I love that you have a mobile version of the site now, but the new design appears to have difficulty in IE.

  2. I'm not a fan of the new design. It seems very cluttered and harder to read. I have found that I spend less time reading blogs that seem cluttered or crowded to me.
    I liked your old layout better.
    This is just for your information, I realize you may not care what I think.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Karen. The new format may take some getting used to, but hopefully it will work for you. I find it a lot easier on the eyes to read the posts without having them sandwiched between two sidebars.

  4. Love, love, love the new format. So clean and fresh. It makes me want to reorganize my pantry (it's kicked me into spring cleaning mode).

  5. Thanks for the feedback, both about what's working and what's not. I hear the comments aren't getting numbered for some of you, I'm working on that bit of code tonight.

    First by temporarily removing the nice white boxes our comments have been appearing in.


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