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By Justine Dorton

The last snow melted from our yard Friday afternoon. It got up to around 50, and spring definitely felt close. The kids got home from school — giddy and bursting with excitement. “The snow’s gone! The snow’s gone! The snow’s gone” They all chanted.

Then they all suddenly disappeared downstairs.

Five minutes later they all re-appear — in their swimsuits. “MOM! Turn on the sprinklers, we’re headed out!”

About Justine Dorton

Justine is a mother to five children, and has a husband lodged somewhere (probably in the den). She is not very fond of speaking of herself in third person.

2 thoughts on “Summertime!”

  1. My kids are ready to skip spring and head straight to summer too! My five-year-old wanted to plan a water balloon fight for after school today. A little sunshine goes a long way!

  2. My kids were asking to go swimming over the weekend. Our subdivision pool doesn't open until May and they just didn't understand why? It did get up to 70 but, I don't think they realize just how cold that water still is! I'm with the kids all the way and can't wait for the days to just hang at the pool all day!


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