Three Days

By Susan Jeffers

On the Sixth Day,
there was Love.
         Bone of my bones
         Flesh of my flesh
         The Mother of All, Living.
                       Bubbling streams
                       Green leaves
             of course
             The Fruit


On the Seventh Day,
          They Rested from their labors
          Except that One
          who observes no Sabbath
          Relentless as Winter
                        Sly on his belly
                        False smile on His Lips
                        A short conversation
          in hand


On the Eighth Day
           Lone and Dreary,
           (But for each other)
           Their arms stretched heavenward
                         True Love by the Sweat of their Brow
                         in Conception
           Now Partake
           of Living Water
           The Bread of Life

About Susan Jeffers

Susan Jeffers received her B.A. in English from BYU and her M.A. in English from Abilene Christian University. She spends her time writing and teaching in southern Maryland with her husband, their little boy, and a succession of ill-tempered betta fish.

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