Who We Are

By Lisa Meadows Garfield

Dawn cracks open the shell of night,
leaks light into far corners of hard hearts,
reveals hope waiting like a trusting child.

The earth exhales, blows fog and darkness
back into the black night, inhales new air,
faith as fresh as rain in summer.

I memorize the map of stars disappearing
overhead. They remain in my mind as sharp
points of light, distant suns to guide me, our own sun

rising now, pouring morning over the garden,
the pink camellia bud peering between
green seams stretched taut like a pregnant promise.

Love banishes night, seeks out every crooked crevice,
every hidden question, holds and heals us until

we remember who we are.


About Lisa Meadows Garfield

Lisa Meadows Garfield is an award-winning poet and author of “For Love of a Child: Stories of Adoption.“ An avid traveler, she is generally away from her homebase in Vancouver, Washington 9 months of the year, exploring the wide, wonderful world. Mother of 6 and Nonnie to 11, Lisa loves sunshine, words, good friends, and especially, Jesus.

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