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Words Fall In: Segullah Podcast Featuring Catherine Arveseth on Mary Oliver

By Melonie Cannon

January 2018 came in with a blizzard (where I live) and ended with the Super Blood Wolf Moon. It also ended with the death of the poet, Mary Oliver. We mourn her loss. We wanted to honor her at Segullah, so this podcast features an interview with Catherine Keddington Arveseth, one of her most devoted followers, discussing her works and what Mary meant to us. Catherine gives a beautiful tribute to this amazing poet. This interview was so moving to me, that I had a little cry…don’t worry, I edited it out, but I think you can still hear my heart. You can find Catherine at her blog wildnprecious.com.

About Melonie Cannon

Melonie has surrounded herself with beautiful words for as long as she can remember. This led her to find a home with Segullah after writing an essay published in the May 2006 Segullah issue. She was invited to join the staff and has been a part of Segullah in various capacities since, including being the creator of the “Words Fall In” podcast.  She received her M.Ed from the University of Utah and was a certified Secondary English teacher before becoming a Mom of four. Over the years, her focus has been on natural healing modalities and becoming a sacred sound healing practitioner with a focus on the drum, rhythm, voice, and vibration. She is finishing her PH.D. in theology and metaphysics to further these studies and help women to connect to the divine within themselves.

3 thoughts on “Words Fall In: Segullah Podcast Featuring Catherine Arveseth on Mary Oliver”

  1. Hey Mel. I cannot believe you didn't invite me, your sunlamp goggled muse, to talk about the glorious Mary Oliver. You could invite Ginger too, also another gigantic fan. This is a really nice podcast and tribute to the wonderful, lesbian poet and poet laureate. She is our modern day Sappho. And every time she says the word beloved – I think of how much she loved her partner – Molly. From your born on a new moon sister. XXOO


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