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You Really Need to Read This

By Andrea Rediske

As the official Announcements Writer for Segullah, I’ve been tasked with reminding you that the newest issue of Segullah is going to press and only those with subscriptions will get a copy of this particular issue.  I could make statements like “ACT NOW!”  or “The time is far spent!” or “This will make the perfect gift for the literary loved one in your life!”  (See that?  I just did some alliteration.  Yep, I’ve been hanging out with the mavens of poetry and prose at Segullah for a while now…).

But no.  I will make no such declarative statements.  I will say simply this:  I just spent the last hour or so reading my coveted PDF copy of this issue and…you really need to read this.  It’s good.  The Fall/Winter 2001 issue of Segullah entitled, “Unfolding” is our contest issue, and the essays, fiction, poetry, and artwork are breathtaking.  It would be cliche’ of me to say that I laughed and I cried, but I did, so I will.

* As of the summer of 2012, subscriptions are no longer available.

About Andrea Rediske

(Blog Team) is the proud mother of two living sons, aged 9 and 7, and Ethan, who passed away in early February 2014. She is currently working as a freelance science writer and blogger and will begin a PhD program in Science Education at the University of Central Florida in Fall 2014. When she's not juggling the laundry, her writing work, and the busy lives of her little boys, she likes to squeeze in a triathlon now and then. Also, her husband rocks.

7 thoughts on “You Really Need to Read This”

  1. I can't wait to read it! Hopefully, I'm a subscriber. If we selected the "bill me til I die" option on PayPal, then we're continual subscribers and don't need to do anything else, right?

  2. The artwork in this issue was done by Cindy Ferguson. The cover art is just a tease — the artwork throughout is amazing. Subscribe away!

  3. I've heard some interesting and bothersome things from kids, and it's made me realize that we need to be really careful and thinking through the ways we choose to teach or explain gospel principles. I was NOT a happy mama the day a 7-year-old neighbor boy told my then 5-year-old that if he did something wrong (in this case, something that the older boy didn't like), he was going to be on "Satan's team". I'm sure this came straight out of a family home evening lesson given by well-intentioned parents trying to teach the principles of temptation and making right choices.

  4. Eljee,
    Are you sure you intended this comment for an announcement about subscriptions? Perhaps you meant to comment on Jennie's post "Burning in Hell."

  5. I did mean it for the other post. I don't even know how it got on this one, because I wasn't reading this one–didn't even notice till I came back and couldn't find my post where I thought it was!


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