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  • In The Bleak

    January 15, 2018

    In the bleak
    Midwinter, we do our
    dishes, and our
    laundry, pray to our god,
    and wait patiently for the arrival
    of the new sun. Our ancestors sat
    beside their…

  • Hairdos and Don’t’s

    January 15, 2018

    She would have me kneel in front of her,
    asking please hold still, while she yanked the brush
    through my hair. I’d sit and stare or…

  • Prodigal Son

    December 11, 2017

    After he let smooth the knotted calluses that rode the ridge
    of his palm from slinging twine-bound hay onto the stacks
    beneath the shed, then rolling…

  • papier-mache

    December 11, 2017

    layer on your

    thorns and splintery glass
    gilded, crackling papers
    fresh-cut grass

    mold it onto your soul

    cover every flaw and hole
    paint over dreams and desires
    a scarlet perpetual smile

  • flight

    November 14, 2017


    the years stole away
    my feathered wings

    day by day
    purple-tinted barbs break off
    from the rachis,
    the once fiery-gold vane
    in pain

    but then you came

    and the azure gust you…