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Words Fall In: An Interview with Bethany Brady Spalding & McArthur Krishna

By Melonie Cannon

I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!! I kept cheering as I edited this podcast because of all the wisdom nuggets my two guests kept eloquently sharing. Bethany Brady Spalding and McArthur Krishna are the authors of the book series Girls Who Chose God.

Segullah has reviewed their books before, which you can find here and here, but we have not had the honor to hear in their own words what went into the making of the books and how the journey has affected them. Interviewing McArthur and Bethany was a great honor and another moment where I wonder at the women the LDS culture/religion has created or influenced. These two are powerhouses! I also appreciated how they supported one another as they spoke and acknowledged the others thoughts. It was an example to me of how I would imagine all women should be to one another. The two talk extensively at the end of Part One and Part Two about Heavenly Mother and their book The Girl’s Guide to Heavenly Mother. McArthur talks about how we are “goddesses in training” and what that means.

They have a new book coming out which is called The Boys Guide to Heavenly Mother. All of their books can be purchased through Deseret Book and on the publisher’s website. Once again, there are two parts, because I couldn’t edit down this amazing interview. Look for these two in November 2020 at an art show at Writ and Vision in Provo, Utah.

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About Melonie Cannon

Melonie has surrounded herself with beautiful words for as long as she can remember. This led her to find a home with Segullah after writing an essay published in the May 2006 Segullah issue. She was invited to join the staff and has been a part of Segullah in various capacities since, including being the creator of the “Words Fall In” podcast.  She received her M.Ed from the University of Utah and was a certified Secondary English teacher before becoming a Mom of four. Over the years, her focus has been on natural healing modalities and becoming a sacred sound healing practitioner with a focus on the drum, rhythm, voice, and vibration. She is finishing her PH.D. in theology and metaphysics to further these studies and help women to connect to the divine within themselves.

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